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To Purchase a puppy/dog from us you must fill out a "Placement Questionnaire"

1. Copy the text.

2. Paste in the program of your choice, we suggest using microsoft word.

3. Answer the questions.

4. Email your filled out questionnaire to : 

Placement Questionnaire:



Phone #

Email Address:

Name and Phone # of your Veterinarian:

Name and Phone # and address of 2 people for referances

(Not family members)



1. How long have you lived at this address?

2.Do you own or rent?

If you rent pease include the name and phone# of your landlord.

3.Have you ever owned a Wolfhound in the past?

4.Have you researched the breed? Do you understand and accept the health issues inherent to this breed?

5.Have you ever owned a large breed dog in the past?

6. How many dogs have you owned in the past 10 years?

7.Do you own any pets now?

If so please list them.

8.Are you prepared to make a life long commitment to a new pet?

9.Have you ever returned a per to the breeder?

What were the circumstances?

10.Have you ever taken a pet to the pound/SPCA?

If so why?

11. Have you ever given a pet away?

If so why?

12.What are your expecttions when you consider owning an Irish Wolfhound?

13.Do you have the time to care and train a puppy? (i.e. feeding 4 times a day. Potty breaks every few hours)

14.If you work who will look after the puppy?

15.Is your yard fenced? How high is the fence?

16. Does your yard have a escape proof gate?

17. Do you have the aproperate room in your yard for a giant breed dog?

18. Do you have room in your home for a giant breed dog?

19. Do you have a safe place to keep the puppy if you can't watch it?

20. Are you willing to enroll in puppy training classes?

21. Would you have time to attend training classes?

22. What are the traits you most desire in you dog?

23What activities and hobbies do you most enjoy?

24. Do you have children?

If so please indicate their ages.

25. Are you willing to spay/neuter the dog?

26. What ages of dog are you interested in ?

Puppy-10 week

Jr. puppy 6-9 months

Sr. puppy 9-12 months


27 Are you interested in a male or female?

28. Are you interested in Showing, Breeding or a Family Pet?